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Welcome to the Anderson Optical Physics (AOPy) group web site. I invite you to explore our research activities in optical and atomic physics. At the moment we are involved in three very different lines of research. Find out about our work in integrated ultracold atom optics, our work on holographic information processing systems that learn on their own, and our work on optical noses: holographic-based systems that are designed to smell hazardous substances. On each of these main research areas you can find both a popular and a more technical description.

On these pages you can also find out about my teaching and other activities I am involved with such as the Optical Science and Engineering Program (OSEP) here at CU

If you happen to be considering the University of Colorado for your education, you should know what students in my group already know: Boulder is a great place to live and CU is a great place to get an education.

If you would like to discover the latest that we've discovered, or any other information for that matter, you are welcome to contact me.


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